The Plasma Cloud console offers you unmatched visibility over your mesh networks topology, ensuring you can easily have the mesh full control at your fingertips.

Mesh topology allows viewing the state of your whole network, both wired and wireless, with the option to either:

  • Visualize the routes from mesh devices to their gateway or
  • Visualize the information of each individual mesh link, by selecting the mesh link view.
How far can a mesh go?

Generally, every link, or “hop”, between two Access Points decreases the available bandwidth. This means that a long chain of meshing Access Points will eventually result in a very slow connection.

The number of hops that a Plasma Cloud mesh can achieve without completely stalling its throughput is, unfortunately, something that we cannot easily control as it depends on many factors, such as environment, noise, other WiFi networks, etc. This basically means that there are some physical constraints that we cannot work around.

We always recommend to perform onsite tests and accurate planning before deploying your network, but you may take into consideration that, in a nutshell:

  • When using single band Access Points the WiFi throughput is probably going to degrade quite fast, not allowing more than 3 or 4 hops.
  • On the other hand, when using dual- or tri-band Access Points the chances that your throughput will stay on a reasonable level after 4 or 5 hops is higher.
Plasma Cloud High performance

The Plasma Cloud mesh technology uses the B.A.T.M.A.N. protocol under the hood. This protocol uses the actual Wi-Fi throughput for computing routes and thus optimizes the traffic flow aiming at high data-rates.

It works on both 2.4 and 5 GHz radio frequencies and Plasma Cloud single-band, dual-band and tri-band Access Points all mesh together seamlessly. Naturally, this feature extends to all migrated third party devices as well. On dual and tri-band devices, the protocol will choose the best radio to use based on a number of factors, thus exploiting the AP capabilities as much as possible.

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